Our latest personal project called for a cool sports car and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a Tesla Roadster for a few days. It was a bit unnerving hanging lights around this and it was even more so taking a ride in it. The only thing I can compare it to is something between a jet at take off and a roller coaster on the first big drop. This is just a behind the scenes shot. We hope to have some of the finished pieces up in the next few weeks.


Last May we had the opportunity to work with Chris White and Shannon Ball from the Integer Group and produce a series of images for Kroger's 2010 Cart Buster campaign. Kroger is one of the nations largest grocery retailers with over $76 billion in annual sales. Locally they operate under the names of King Soopers and City Market and if you visited either one of these chains in early September you could not miss these ads. From what I hear they went over really well so great job to everyone at the Integer Group. We had great direction, everyone knew exactly what they wanted and that made my job much easier. So thanks to the talented cast and crew that helped pull this one off.