About a month after our last Waterpik shoot I got another call from Sterling Rice Group asking if I had time to shoot a new shower head. I was more than happy to pull the set out of storage and turn the studio into a giant locker room for a few days again. This shower head was all about the power of the massage feature and I think we nailed it. Each one of these shoots presents a new set of problems to be solved and that is why I love Waterpik


Finally got my Workbook website updated. Take a look and let me know what you think, . Next is to update my main website, this I am not looking forward to.


Got a fun assignment to shoot an environmental portrait for UPS and Story Worldwide. I was to photograph Shannon Cumberland, the owner of Rosy Rings. We spent a full day at their production facilities and got several great portraits of Shannon amongst her handmade candles. Thanks for the candles Shannon, my office has never smelled quite so good.