We produced a two day shoot for Miller Lite and Integer a couple of weeks ago and it could not have gone smoother, thanks to an awesome cast and crew of approximately thirty people. Day one was the largest in scale of the two shots. We had three vehicles, five principal talent, seven or so extras, a whole bunch of props and some food on the grills. My crew hung and rigged fourteen strobe heads, several silks and over 700 square feet of background. The only place in town that could possibly accommodate our needs was Stage 1 over at LSI. Our set was pretty large but it only took up about half of the available 16000 square feet, left us plenty of room for a little football. Now I like it when the room is cold enough to hang meat but fifty five degrees was a little too cold for our clients that flew in from Texas. We did our best to make everyone comfortable but little space heaters did not do much in that size of space, sorry guys. I think we made up for it on day two though. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a fantastic team of professionals. So, many thanks to everyone involved in this production.


I finally am someone thanks to the fantastic efforts of Jay Roth and James Pelz. This duo took on the task of coming up with a new business card for David Pahl Photography. It was almost a year ago that we started talking about it and I finally got these printed just before Christmas. We printed four different backs that each have their own little story. This was all Jay's doing. I told him I wanted a card with copy on it and I like humor. So he came up with a take off on Mad-Libs and gave them a little David Pahl style. James pushed the idea even further coming up with a beautiful design that was very graphic and clean as well as a kick ass new logo. No longer do I have to hang my head low when I meet someone and they say do you have a business card. I can proudly hand them this Cadillac of a card. In all fairness the slow progress of the card was completely due to my indecision and when I consider that I did not have a card for nearly six years ten months was pretty quick. I owe Jay and James a great deal. So thanks guys! Big thanks to Rob a Foils and Dies for the fantastic print job!

Miller Lite Houston Rodeo

About two weeks after the Coors and Co shoot last August we produced our first shoot for Miller Lite. We had the pleasure of working with a great creative team from The Integer Group comprised of ACD Wade Campbell and AD Brad Ives. If we are lucky this will just be the first of many more to come.