We have been working on this project for quite a while. The nice thing about a personal project is no deadlines and we get to mess with it as long as we want. Special thanks to James Pelz, Jay Roth and Tom Pounders for their generous help. We came up with the idea months ago and now that we have started producing them the concepts just keep coming. I cannot forget to thank Andrew Webb for lending his retouching skills to this project. Andrew has a great post on how the image came together on his site. More to come.


I had someone ask to see a pre and post version of a portrait we shot last summer. So I thought it might be a good post for the blog too. The first version is straight from the camera. The lighting had to be dramatic but still smooth with out too harsh of shadows. This was achieved with a four light set up. The second version is after Andrew Webb retouched the image with what he refers to as a hyper reality sharpening style as well as some sculptural enhancements. This one took half a day to shoot and another half day to do the post work on.