Had the pleasure of working with a great client and agency back in August when we shot some of the lifestyle work for the 2009/10 Coors and Co catalog. We had one day to produce a dozen shots and a crew of about fifteen people made it all possible. Many thanks to Michael Emmerson and Rob Godby of Integer.These are a few of my favorites.


After an almost four month hiatus from the blog we are back. It has been an amazingly busy past few months and I hope to be posting some of that client work on the blog soon. Right now I wanted to share some selects from a shoot we did back in May. Our talent, Ashley, was provided by Donna Baldwin Talent and Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe were courtesy of Jennifer Samuel. These shots were something fun we thru together at the last minute. We were working on another installment of the lego project and decided to shoot something a little more fashionable since we had such a talented crew in place.


Friday June 12th Chase will be in town to share a bit of his creative insight and humor with us. I hope that everyone can make it. You can find out the details here


The second in a series of three videos Chase was nice enough to make for us. These clips have been getting a ton of hits. I think this event is going to be great!


The Art Directors Club of Denver is bringing Chase Jarvis to Denver for a little chat on June 12th. He will also be sticking around for the weekend to act as one of the judges for the annual show. So get your work together and submit before the deadline.


We have been working on this project for quite a while. The nice thing about a personal project is no deadlines and we get to mess with it as long as we want. Special thanks to James Pelz, Jay Roth and Tom Pounders for their generous help. We came up with the idea months ago and now that we have started producing them the concepts just keep coming. I cannot forget to thank Andrew Webb for lending his retouching skills to this project. Andrew has a great post on how the image came together on his site. More to come.


I had someone ask to see a pre and post version of a portrait we shot last summer. So I thought it might be a good post for the blog too. The first version is straight from the camera. The lighting had to be dramatic but still smooth with out too harsh of shadows. This was achieved with a four light set up. The second version is after Andrew Webb retouched the image with what he refers to as a hyper reality sharpening style as well as some sculptural enhancements. This one took half a day to shoot and another half day to do the post work on. 


Had the pleasure of working with the guys over at Pure last week on a little Valentines Day project for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. The production schedule on this one was so fast we barely had time to think. In a matter of a four days starting last Saturday we street cast a number of babies, found the perfect props, photographed three adorable babies on Monday morning, made final selection, photographed the props while roughly compositing on set monday afternoon, spent over ten hours compositing and retouching on Tuesday and delivered the final image Wednesday morning. It was a blast to shoot and produce and a pleasure to collaborate with someone as talented as Andrew Webb over at Serious Retouching & Color. Looking forward to the next project.


Hope everyone can make this event! Props to my friend Bryce Boyer for the killer photography.


I finally got around to shooting a couple of personal projects. The holidays gave me a little down time to spend with my family and do something I have not done for a long while, shoot something just for fun. Every time I pass one of these enormous wind farms that are being constructed across the plains I am inspired. Most people think that this part of Kansas is a little on the dull side but I find it to be beautiful and made even more so by these giants. After spending a few peaceful hours walking around fields and driving down dirt roads I think I got some good images. Hopefully I can get back in the spring and photograph this project with some big thunderstorms rolling in. 


Another year has passed and it is time to update Workbook again. The entire site has been reworked. Lots of new images and even some old favorites. Check it out and let me know what you think