The first of June last year I got the pleasure to travel to Dallas for a shoot with the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blues Dancers for Miller Lite. We had a long day of shooting at Bolt Productions, pulling off ten shots and walking out the door with just about 100GB of raw files. Fantastic facility that accommodated all of our needs, I highly recommend these guys. Many thanks to my Dallas crew, the talented R&B dancers and Integer's Michael Emmerson and Brad Ives. Working with awesome  people like this makes my job fun. This is the standup of Bambi, what a sweetheart.


In late 2011 I was asked to photograph a United States flag as if it were wrapping around the sides of a cereal box. This was for the 2012 Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes. I am not sure how many athletes appeared on the various boxes but I was told they estimated over 1 billion impressions. I will be the first to say that my part in this was small as I only photographed the flag but it is an honor to be a part of something as successful as this was. Many thanks to Integer and to Shannon Ball, my ACD on this project. Thanks to Andrew Webb for his onset comp work and behind the scene photos.


Had a pretty fun project last spring. We produced this image for The Integer Group and their client MillerCoors. From what I understand these promoted events sponsored by Coors Light in the Houston market. This one had its challenges. I would like to say we got to travel all over and shoot these shots on a week long expedition but we didn't. Instead we shot the trio of talent in studio and then were provided with seven or so stock images to work into one final image. The finished style was dictated by a previous ad that we were asked to match. As always the crew at TIG was great to work with. Many thanks to Brad Ives, Fernando DiazMorlet and Michael Emmerson.


The great thing about my career is the diversity of it. When I see something that I think is beautiful or an interesting challenge I come up with a plan and shoot it. Each project presents a visual problem that I devise a solution for. I think that I learned this early on in my career while working for Nick Vedros. He created meticulously lit still life imagery the same way he photographed people and the results were always inspiring. I ultimately want to be hired for the way I think and how I approach a problem.

Golf has been a huge part of my life. I have a passion for it much like photography. I have played the game since I was seven, worked as a fore caddy, cart boy, range rat, instructor and pro shop assistant through my teens and early twenties. While I don't play much at all these days because I am more focused on being a good dad and growing my business I still find time to take my kids to the range every so often and hit a few balls. The following images are a series of shots I produced as a test, bringing two things I am passionate about together. I had an idea and shot it.

Thanks to Pete DeLong for cleaning these images up.


Just over a year ago I was lucky enough to get called up to work on another project with Eric Lindgren over at Integer. Eric and I had produced a job for Miller Lite a year earlier, see post here. For this one we needed to shoot a baseball player diving for a ball. My approach was to shoot the field and stadium separate and shoot the players in studio, matching to the lighting we had in the stadium. Unfortunately it was later decided the stadium could not be used in the ads. We shot somewhat generic looking uniforms so they could be easily altered in post. These ads ran in several different markets and depicted the Rockies, Braves and A's, that I know of. TIG studio did a killer job on adapting each teams uniform.  I really liked the idea of showing this in a realistic environment so I worked with Pete Delong to bring the idea to life. Now I just have to decide if I like the cropped version better than the full version.


Just over two years ago I produced a great project for Miller Lite. One of the shots was a tailgating party outside of the Cowboys stadium. Unfortunately, due to budget and timing we did not have the opportunity to actually shoot at the stadium. Instead we shot the scene in a large sound stage here in Denver and The Integer Group Studio composited the image we produced with an illustrated image of the stadium. The ad turned out great and the client was happy. I however had always wished that we had photographed the stadium as well. In late May of this year I found myself in Dallas for another shoot. With a few hours to spare on the day I flew in, I drove over to Arlington and grabbed a few angles of the stadium. The thin clouds in the sky gave a really nice softness to the sunlight, very similar to how we lit the original shot. I am really happy with how this one turned out and am looking forward to getting it in the portfolio.


Inpend is a custom notebook produced by the fine folks over at Foils + Dies. One of those things you look at and think, why didn't I come up with this. Our idea was simple, handcrafted notebooks need a handcrafted looking website. Almost all of the type was letter pressed on vintage machines and then photographed for the site. The entire site is just one big navigable photograph.


Last fall I ran into an art producer that asked me if I had some gritty basketball shots. After a short search of my archives I found a few shots but nothing that I felt fit my definition of gritty basketball. So I shot a test. It seems like once I get an image in my mind I just need to produce it. We ended up shooting over a thousand frames one afternoon but this one stood out. Many thanks to Solomon and Ray for taking part in the shoot and to Andrew Webb for his post stylings.

Motion With Beer

A producer recently asked me if I shot motion. My answer was, My camera says I do. Not sure I ever see myself as a cinema photographer but right now motion seems like a fun thing to experiment with. The extreme shallow depth of field you can get out of a DSLR rig just amazes me. This clip was just an idea I had and wondered if we could do it with out CGI. It is a bit rough but all in all a good test.

Beer Anyone?

Something amazing about glass and liquid. If this shot makes you thirsty I did my job.