For quite a while I have been wanting to work with a digital retoucher on developing a gritty look for a few specific projects. Just never found the right person for the job until I met Andrew Webb from Serious Retouching and Color when we worked together on a few Waterpik ads. I was very impressed with his work and knew that he could help me elevate my work to the finished level I wanted. These images are just a couple that we have been working on. The cyclist is an out take from an annual report shoot that we did last February and the swimmer is from a personal project that I am currently working on. We are still tweaking little things but I am really psyched with the out come so far.


I had the pleasure of working with Jerry Stafford at Pure back in April when we produced these images for an outdoor campaign. The client was the Lowry East Park Neighborhood and the campaign had fun with the active lifestyle Lowry residents lead. The dog shot was the one that I lost the most sleep over. We ended up bringing in three potential candidates that were selected from a field of about a dozen. Our animal handler worked with with all three dogs and we were able to get the shot we needed. We had about a week to pull it all together and ended up shooting these four ads over a two day period.