Hope everyone can make this event! Props to my friend Bryce Boyer for the killer photography.


I finally got around to shooting a couple of personal projects. The holidays gave me a little down time to spend with my family and do something I have not done for a long while, shoot something just for fun. Every time I pass one of these enormous wind farms that are being constructed across the plains I am inspired. Most people think that this part of Kansas is a little on the dull side but I find it to be beautiful and made even more so by these giants. After spending a few peaceful hours walking around fields and driving down dirt roads I think I got some good images. Hopefully I can get back in the spring and photograph this project with some big thunderstorms rolling in. 


Another year has passed and it is time to update Workbook again. The entire site has been reworked. Lots of new images and even some old favorites. Check it out and let me know what you think