Late last year we had an idea for a shot that called for a really cool car. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Tesla Roadster. We shot the road scenes outside Boulder and the Tesla in studio last fall. Then, as they often do, the shots waited on a hard drive until we had time to finish them early this month. Part of the delay in finishing this other than a pretty busy spring was I was not entirely happy with the sky I had shot. So I put my ego aside and did a little search for some stock. I was able to find two stormy skies that we composited for this shot. All together the finished shot has five separate images in it, so I clicked the shutter on the majority of the images. We have a couple more Tesla shots waiting to be finished it is just a matter of having the time to get them done. Really pleased with the way this one came out,no small thanks to Andrew Webb!


In January and February of this year we had the pleasure to work with Level 3 Communications and Carbon8 on a really fun project. A big thanks goes out to my producer on this adventure, Lisa Schrag She was able to orchestrate six days of shooting, with a cast and crew of more than thirty-five people, within our budget and with a smile. While we had a lot of surprises like subzero temperatures on at least two of our shoot days, frozen pipes in one of our locations, an ice storm out east on the very day we had to travel east, the crew operated like a well oiled machine and we pulled off some great shots. It was hard to choose from the thirty-four shots we delivered but here are my favorites. Thanks again to everyone involved.


It is always a good day when I am shooting. While editorial gigs don't pay much sometimes, they make up for it in other ways. I always forget how much fun I have shooting editorial. The opportunity to meet and interact with a wide range of individuals and the creative freedom photographers get to have is reason enough I should chase after a few more of these gigs. We shot a series of seven or so portraits for Colorado Meeting and Events Magazine a few months back and these are a couple of my favorites. As always, a big thanks to Andrew Webb for his inspirational post production.