Just over a year ago I was lucky enough to get called up to work on another project with Eric Lindgren over at Integer. Eric and I had produced a job for Miller Lite a year earlier, see post here. For this one we needed to shoot a baseball player diving for a ball. My approach was to shoot the field and stadium separate and shoot the players in studio, matching to the lighting we had in the stadium. Unfortunately it was later decided the stadium could not be used in the ads. We shot somewhat generic looking uniforms so they could be easily altered in post. These ads ran in several different markets and depicted the Rockies, Braves and A's, that I know of. TIG studio did a killer job on adapting each teams uniform.  I really liked the idea of showing this in a realistic environment so I worked with Pete Delong to bring the idea to life. Now I just have to decide if I like the cropped version better than the full version.