For a photographer it is the biggest compliment in the world when a client comes back to you and says they want more of what you did before. I produced some images for Waterpik and Sterling Rice Group a couple of years ago of a woman beneath a working shower head. For me these jobs represented what I loved best about my job, creative problem solving. We had to shoot a woman in the shower, easy right? Not quite. We had to have the standard casting to find the right model. Then we had to figure out a way to have unlimited hot water so we could be as efficient as possible with the client, talent and crew's time. This was solved by installing a tankless hot water heater. After some testing we concluded we needed to have the ability to boost the pressure of the water in the line in order to achieve the best looking spray. This was solved with an inline water pump that was purchased through an aircraft parts distributor. With the use of a several hundred gallon livestock pool, PEX tubing, plastic tarps and a lot of towels we were able to create a working shower in the middle of our studio. 

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