Got a call from Chris Thomas at Ripcord a couple of weeks back. He was working on some comps for a client and was unable to find exactly what he needed with stock and wanted to know if we might help him out. I am always willing help out a friend especially when it comes to showing a client the advantages of custom artwork over stock. Chris rounded up some talent from Wilhelmina Denver along with a couple of stylists while we got things ready at the studio. Within a couple of days we had gone from just discussing the concept to full execution. This included photography of talent as well as the words and compositing the shots for the final images. The part of this that was the most fun was coming up with a solution for the words. The original idea was to illustrate them in photo shop but I felt we could get a more realistic feel if we built them and then destructed them on set to get the look we wanted. Big thanks to Andrew Webb for managing all of the post on this one. I also wanted to thank our model Whitney, Makeup Artist Sameera and Stylist Tina. We could not have done this with out their generous help.

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