A couple months ago we did a quick job for Catapult Marketing. The concept for the shot was to show what appeared to be an endless sea of people. We determined we needed approximately thirty head shots with great expressions. With a two day turn around on this one the idea of shooting these people ourselves was out of the questions. Even if we had the time the budget just would not permit it so we found a photo CD online that met our needs for about $850. While Andrew was putting a little bit of his post production styling on these images I was laying out the shot with a deck of playing cards. Once we got the layout and post styling of the head shots approved by the Creative Director, James Pelz, back in Connecticut, we printed the head shots in-house, cut them out and placed them in the shot. All that was left was a little card shuffling to make sure we had all the faces in the right places. We only had thirty cards prepped so to create the illusion of more we shot several plates or layers, moving the rows of cards back each time. I think we were contacted on a Thursday and had final files delivered to the client the following Monday morning. Could not have pulled it off with out the organized thinking and quick decision making of our client and the digital support of Andrew Webb.

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