Just over two years ago I produced a great project for Miller Lite. One of the shots was a tailgating party outside of the Cowboys stadium. Unfortunately, due to budget and timing we did not have the opportunity to actually shoot at the stadium. Instead we shot the scene in a large sound stage here in Denver and The Integer Group Studio composited the image we produced with an illustrated image of the stadium. The ad turned out great and the client was happy. I however had always wished that we had photographed the stadium as well. In late May of this year I found myself in Dallas for another shoot. With a few hours to spare on the day I flew in, I drove over to Arlington and grabbed a few angles of the stadium. The thin clouds in the sky gave a really nice softness to the sunlight, very similar to how we lit the original shot. I am really happy with how this one turned out and am looking forward to getting it in the portfolio.

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Looks awesome man. Love it.