The great thing about my career is the diversity of it. When I see something that I think is beautiful or an interesting challenge I come up with a plan and shoot it. Each project presents a visual problem that I devise a solution for. I think that I learned this early on in my career while working for Nick Vedros. He created meticulously lit still life imagery the same way he photographed people and the results were always inspiring. I ultimately want to be hired for the way I think and how I approach a problem.

Golf has been a huge part of my life. I have a passion for it much like photography. I have played the game since I was seven, worked as a fore caddy, cart boy, range rat, instructor and pro shop assistant through my teens and early twenties. While I don't play much at all these days because I am more focused on being a good dad and growing my business I still find time to take my kids to the range every so often and hit a few balls. The following images are a series of shots I produced as a test, bringing two things I am passionate about together. I had an idea and shot it.

Thanks to Pete DeLong for cleaning these images up.

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